It wouldn’t be wrong to call Auli the Ski capital of India. Located at 2,500 to 3,050 meters, in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand, the Auli Ski Resort is close to the famous religious shrine of Badrinath. The month of December heralds the beginning of the skiing season, which bears witness to the commencement of several ski festivals, along with the National Skiing Championships. Facilities of chair lift and a ski lift are available for skiers with the objective of conserving their time and labor.

The ski lift has been imported from France and is the longest one in the country. The ski slopes descend from 3,049 meters to 2,915 meters.

ski and snowboarding in auli

Auli is quite remote when it comes to accessibility, with the nearest railway station being Haridwar, 299 kilometers away and the closest airport, Jolly Grant at Dehradun, 273 kilometers away.

Snow-covered slopes aren’t just to be admired, but to be enjoyed. Skiing has gained popularity as an alternative sport in the winter months. At an elevation of 2,915 – 3,049 meters with five kilometers expanse of snow, Auli is offers perfect grounds for beginners and seasoned skiers alike. Coniferous and oak forests line the slopes. The peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Mana Parvat and Dunagiri can be seen from the location. Its importance as a venue of adventure sports lies in its natural advantages enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities. The adventurous skier can go for cross country runs covering 10 – 20 kilometers. For the less adventurous, ski touring the glaciers is another enjoyable option.

slalom race poles

What is Skiing ?

Alpine skiing is the sport of sliding down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings. Skiing is a recreational activity as well as a competitive sport. The skier attaches long skis, also called runners to specially designed boots and uses of ski poles. We can also say it’s the art or sport of gliding and jumping on skis. At Auli we have Alpine Ski Slopes as well Nordic Slopes. So we offer skiing and snowboarding at Auli.

About Snowboarding ?

Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow while standing on a board attached to a rider’s fee. Snowboarding have become youth sport that was invented in the USA and is one of the most popular winter sports all around the world as well as among the extreme adventure.  Snowboarding, winter sport with roots in skiingsurfing, and skateboarding where the primary activity is riding down any snow-covered surface while standing on a snowboard with feet positioned roughly perpendicular to the board and its direction, further differentiating it from skiing, in which riders face forward. Moreover, no poles are used as in skiing, and the majority of participants wear not hard but soft- to mid-flexing boots for support. The sport developed in the 1960s and ’70s, grew in popularity in the 1980s, and became an Olympic sport in 1998. To die-hard riders and enthusiasts worldwide, including this author, snowboarding is a special kind of “medicine for the soul,” combining the beauty of nature, the thrill of competition, and the opportunity for self-expression. There is no single way to snowboard.

History of snowboarding

Snowboarding is believed to have originated in the United States. Though its origins are sketchy, and plenty of children and adults can claim to have stood up on a flat surface of some sort and slid down their local sled hill, there are several names, dates, and inventions that are agreed-upon highlights in the most common histories of the sport.

Auli conduct Alpine snowboarding Training.

Alpine snowboarding, often called free carving, was the most popular style of snowboarding in the mid-1980s during the infancy of the sport, when snowboarders used the existing infrastructure of ski resorts and the venues of ski racing. By the end of the 1990s, however, most die-hard snowboarders had rejected alpine snowboarding as little more than skiing on boards. It continues to share many characteristics with skiing, especially in its slalom varieties, where the emphasis is not on jumps and tricks but expert carving, often at great speeds.

Slalom racing

In common with ski racing, snowboard slalom races involve weaving down courses made up of offset poles, or “gates,” protruding from the snow, which the athletes must navigate around as fast as they can. These are considered technical contests because of the required tightness of the turns.

Each athlete’s run through the course is timed, and the rider with the fastest time wins. The spacing of the gates in a slalom race is relatively close together (25 to 50 feet [8 to 15 metres] apart), forcing snowboarders to make dramatically quick tight turns. As the name implies, the giant slalom is the same type of race but with the space between the gates roughly doubled (80 to 105 feet [24 to 32 metres] apart), compelling riders to execute longer and less-frequent turns but at faster speeds. The gates are still farther apart in the Super-G (100 to 130 feet [30 to 40 metres] apart), with riders often reaching speeds of 60 miles (97 km) per hour. The parallel versions of these races (the “parallel slalom” and “parallel giant slalom”) pit riders in head-to-head competition on side-by-side tracks.

Snowboard cross (boarder cross)

Snowboard cross (originally and still frequently called boarder cross) is an event where multiple riders (four in Olympic competition) race simultaneously down the same inclined course with banked turns, jumps, bums, drops, and other artificial features that test the competitors’ balance and control at maximum speeds. Collisions among the competitors are not uncommon. The first rider to the end of the course is the winner in snowboarding’s version of motocross racing.

Typically a field of 40 to 60 competitors will each take one timed run down the course alone to establish a seeding order and to allow competitive brackets to be created. Once these brackets are established, racers will go head-to-head, with the top three in each heat advancing to the next bracket. In this way, the field is narrowed to a final group of racers. In the final heat, the first rider to cross the finish line is the winner of the competition.

We are conducting Skiing & Snowboard Course and Packages at Auli, So select your packages and course period and get back to us for the booking. Course and Packages for Skiing Snowboarding at Auli are include staying, meals. Ski Snowboard equipment, Ski Instructor, Ski Lesson , Lift etc..

ski training classes auli

S.N Auli Ski Course Category  Fee
6 Days Non Certificate Course at Auli Uttarakhand
1. Student (For Indian Bona fide Students up to 18 years)
2 Student (For Indian Bona fide Students 18 to 25 years)
3. General
4. Foreigner (Irrespective of age)
14 Days Auli Skiing Certificate Course
1. Student (For Indian Bona fide Students up to 18 years)
2. Student (For Indian Bona fide Students 18 to 25 years)
3. General
4. Foreigner (Irrespective of age)


Ski Equipment Category Full Day
1- Alpine Ski Hiring Rates

Student upto 18 yrs

Student 18 to 25 yrs


Rs.800.00 Per Pair

Rs.1000.00 Per Pair

Rs.1000.00 Per Pair

2- Ski Lesson Adult/Child
(Per Day/Per Person)
Rs.1500.00 per Day
3- Ski Gloves Adult/Child
(Per Day/Per Person)
Rs.1000.00 Per Day
4- Ski Goggles Adult/Child
(Per Day/Per Person)
Rs.200.00 Per Day
5- Snow Board Adult/Child
(Per Day/Per Person)
Rs.1500.00 Per Day
6- Snow Board Lesson Adult/Child
(Per Day/Per Person)
Rs.1000.00 Per Day
Participants are required to bring heavy woolen clothing’s, cap (balaclava & P-Cap), socks woolen (min four pairs), dark sun glasses, gloves (woolen & leather), mufflers, pullovers, long john, wind proof jacket & trousers, anti sun-burn cream, gum/snow boots, torch with spare batteries, personal medicines & toiletries.
Terms & Conditions
1. Fee includes boarding, lodging (sharing accommodation), ski equipment (skies, ski boots & ski sticks only), ski lifts & training charges.
2. Students up to the age of 18 years are required to submit a certificate of date of birth as well as a bona fide student certificate from school/ Institution along with the application, failing which he / she may be charged full fee.
3. In case of students, no participants will be admitted without producing the above documents & confirmation letter issued by the school or institute.
4. Participants are requested to send the duly filled application form along with 50% of fee (non-refundable) in advance through bank draft in favor of Ski School Auli, payable at Joshimath.
5. If a course is cancelled due to inadequate snow availability, refund will be made after a deduction of 10% on advance deposited.
6. The balance 50% amount of the fees will have to be deposited by cash / draft at the time of joining the course at Auli.
7. Separate sharing accommodation will be provided to female participants.
8. Participants are advised to report at Auli on the evening of day one course. Registration of participants and issuing of equipment shall be completed only on the 1st day of the course at evening.
9. Please bring along one recent passport size photograph for the pass for ski lift.
10. In case of accidental damage or loss of ski equipment the full cost of equipment and an additional penalty shall be charged from the concerned Individual on the spot.
11. Participants must be physically fit for snow skiing course.

Why Skiing in Auli?

At 11000 ft height, the conditions for skiing are perfect at Auli. A 700 mts long ski-lift and an 800 m long chair-lift links the upper and lower slopes.

Auli’s also famous for hosting skiing festivals and competitions of national and international standards. Ski & Snowboard Association of Uttarakhand organizes championships in January, February or March, which adds charm to the experience of the adventure seekers.

Auli also has India’s highest artificial lake which was created for the purpose of providing extra snow for the resort in case of less snowfall.

Ski-Lifts for Skiers during Skiing Season in Auli

There are two international standard ski lifts for skiers which take them back to high slopes.

Standing Lift for pole shift: Rs 100 per trip (Pole Shift standing lift joins Temple Track with Tower No. 10)
Sitting Lift for chair lift: Rs 500 per trip (Chair lift connects Auli to Clifftop Club)

Event National Winter Skiing Championship 

Skiing & Snowboarding Championship Auli 

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