We are running Culture trips in and around Nandadevi National Park as well Valley of Flowers National Park and finally last but not least most famous Tibet border Niti Malari as well Mana village.

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Bhavishya Badri Temple Joshimath

Explore the culture trip in Joshimath town and be a part of Tibet living style village in rare border point remote tiny villages.

Cultures Trip in Joshimath

Visit Niti Valley 1 Night 2 Days Rs. 2500 Per Head
Visit Mana Village 1 Night 2 Days Rs. 4000 Per Head
Visit Lata Village 2 Night 3 Days Rs. 6000 Per Head
Visit Salood Village 1 Night 2 Days Rs. 3000 Per Head
Visit Urgam Valley 3 Night 4 Days Rs. 6000 Per Head

Culture Trip in Joshimath and Lata Village Urgam Valley Salood Village –

We are conducting few village experience trip with culture lifestyle of villages foods working experience and much more during your trip to village culture trip. We make trip in every year popular festival where one can see the best culture of old traditional dress up and folk music etc..Come and be a part of this culture trip with us.

6 Days
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