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Kauripass North Face Trekking
Duration : 4 Days
Season : Mid April to June, November to January
Area : Garhwal (Uttaranchal)
Difficult : Easy to Moderate

Note: Mask are mandatory for all travellers.

Name of the Trip : "Mood of Mountain Goddess - Kuari Pass Trek   "

Grade: Easy to easy to Moderate

Number of Days: 04

Number of Nights : 03

Fixed Departures 2020/2021


4th  10th  15th   24th






5th, 12th , 19th 26th


3rd , 10th, th, 24th,


7th, 14th ,21st , 28th








4th , 11th , 18h, 25th


1st , 8th 15th , 22nd, 29th


10th , 15th  20th , 21st , 24th 26th 28th 30th

Kauripass Winter 2020 / 21 North Face Trek Itinerary

Day 1:- Drive from Joshimath to Dhak (12 km) trek to Gulling Top (9600 feet) (6 km) (3 hours) overnight stay in camps

After having breakfast drive is towards Dhak village, from here the trek starts. Ascent gradually for some time and you will come across “Karachi” a small village. It is amid tall mountains and there is green vegetation all across the hills with step farms.  After you gradually gain altitude you come across another high altitude village “Tugasi” it is a Himalayan village where Garhwali culture is followed. Rest here for some time and then head towards your campsite Gulling. The campsite lies 0.5 km further Gulling village it is a wide green stretch which offers unusual sight of Garhwal Himalayas and 360 degree view of Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat and Dronagiri. Setup your camps and overnight stay will be in tents.

Day 2:- Gulling top to Khulara (11,122 feet) (6 km) (5/6 hours) overnight stay in camps

The trail is an ascending one from Gulling top to Khulara. Trek carefully on the rough terrain with exotic views of snow- capped mountains throughout the way. Go through the forests of Oaks, Pines and Rhododendrons. They are found in abundance there with blossoming flowers and snow all over. After a long hike reach your campsite Khulara. Khulara is a beautiful forest clearing, great for camping. Nearby there is growth of ample of trees. Setup the camps here, salubrious food will be served and then you can retire for the night.

Day 3:- Khulara to Tali.  

The final and the major destination will be achieved this day. The trekkers will be trekking to Tali via Kuari pass. The total distance is 11 kilometers which will take approximately 7 hours to trek. The ascent is quite steep as you start trekking from Khulara. You also take a look into 360 degrees of the mountain this day. You can take a view of all the mountains as you trek like the Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Nilgiri and Hathi Ghoda peaks. After few hours of trekking you will reach Kuari pass and the view from there is breathtaking. You can spot a place there and draw your camps and rest the whole night. It will be the best day of the entire trek. This day concludes in a happy note.

Day 04:- Tali to Auli and then drive to Joshimath

This day we will be trekking for 4 hours to Auli and then drive back to Joshimath where we started our trek. It is a 16 kilometer drive. The trails will lead you to a lake and a temple. You can wait there and give your gratitude in the temple. The scenery is so beautiful that it can’t be described in words. You will have an amazing time while trekking. After spending few hours in Auli, you will be taken back to Joshimath you can rest the whole night in Joshimath as you will have a long and a tiring day.

Difficulty level :-
The trek to Kuari pass is long trek. But it is considered as one of the easiest treks in Uttarakhand. But you should be equipped with proper trekking shoes, water bottles and all the necessary items for trekking. To be in a safer side it is required to do some exercises before you go to the trek as it will help build up your stamina.

Things to carry :-

  • A sturdy backpack which contains all sorts of necessary things. The backpack should be water proof.
  • first aid kit which should have all basic medicines for nausea, vomiting etc. Dettol, sanitizer, bandage etc.
  • Water bottle, flasks to store hot water.
  • Energy bars and protein bars as in higher altitude walking is really exhausting.
  • Extra pair of warm clothes, gloves etc.
  • All toiletries product in the bag.
  • walking stick.


Above Trip cost @ INR 8499 per head - Joshimath to Joshimath & Haridwar to Haridwar @ INR 10500 per head

Above Cost will include;

  • Accommodation (triple/quad sharing room)  in Guest house on (breakfast & dinner) basis.
  • Accommodation in best Tented Camp while on trekking with (breakfast, lunch & dinner) basis.
  • Complete Trekking services like  tent, mattresses, dinning/ kitchen tent, folding stool, local trek Guide, Cook, provisions and all veg meals, trek permit fee, Ponies for equipment
  • Transportation using Local Jeeps to base camp  
  • Applicable taxes.
  • Accommodation at www.aulinatureresort.in two nights stay over here Auli Eco Nature Resort.

Cost does not include;

  • Travel & medical insurance.
  • Riding horse during the trek.
  • Travelling & Medical insurance.
  • Personal luggage + Mineral water on Standard or Fix departure trek
  • Rescue expenses during trek (if any).
  • Any extra and optional tour then the above.
  • AND personnel expenses like, drinks, bar & beverages, laundry, telephone, tips, donations, video camera fees, room service, and anything which is not included in the above.



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Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21

:Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Novemner 25
:Open   Seat 10
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21
:Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Novemner 25
:Open   Seat 10
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 :Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 10
:Open   Seat 15
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 ::Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 15
:Open   Seat 15
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 :Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 20
:Open   Seat 15
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 24
:Open   Seat 10
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 25
:Open   Seat 20
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 27
:Open   Seat 20
Joshimath to Joshimath
  Fix Departure Trek Kuari Pass 2020 / 21 Kuaripass Winter Trek 
:Dcember 28
:Open   Seat 25
Joshimath to Joshimath
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